The Broken Arrow Pink Jeep Tour is the most popular tour and the 4x4ing gets exciting in places. Tour lasts 2 hours. Our tickets for this are offered at a great discounted prices. If you your schedule permits, last run gets you an AZ sunset as an added bonus.

The Vortex hikes are a must. The quickest one and a great way to see a Sunrise is to explore Airport Mesa. Sunrise is well worth it. You can park and hike up to the top in no time. To go all the way to the top, you need to climb a little. Whether you hit Sunrise or not, still VERY Scenic. And famous for the Vortex twisted trees where the energy is said to twist the trees.

If you do Airport Mesa first, then I would go to Bell Rock second. Lots of fantastic energy the minute you get out of the car and lots of picture opportunities and many stacked rock energy circles. The views get better the higher you hike.

For lunch hit Elote Café for some of the best traditional Mexican food you will ever have. This place is one of my favorite restaurants of all time. Also a really cool place to go is Chocola Tree Vegan Eatery. All the food is made fresh each day and their Vegan chocolate, and other sweets are delicious.

After lunch, if you can get there, Devils Bridge hike is awesome. If your car will make it, driving the forest road to then hike to Devil’s Bridge is much quicker. And if you are daring enough to go out on the bridge, you will have a picture you will always remember. But the road is sort of rough for a car, although people do it all the time.

Or if you wish to view the amazing Art Galleries, go to Tlaquepaque. Open air, courtyards, just a cool place to stroll and soak in Sedona. For a taste of Sedona spiritual stuff, across the street from Tlaquepaque is Center for the New Age.

For Dinner, if the Weather is permitting, L’Auberge Restaurant and request a table by Oak Creek, is very cool. Good food and the sounds of the creek, is a great way to end the day. Or for a Red Rock dinner experience, go to Enchantment Resort and eat at either Che-Ah-Chi serving contemporary American/southwest cuisine, or View 180 which is a tapas menu.

As you come into Sedona, depending on the time, stop in at the Ranger station, the folks working there hike all the trails and offer maps and advice.

Have a great trip!